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La Candelilla coffee estate is located in the Tarazzu valleys of the small Costa Rican town, San Marco. They are the first independent mill created in Costa Rica in the 2000’s!

The farms and mill are run by 7 siblings covering 70 hectare of planted coffee in total. Established by the well-known coffee producers, Sanchez’s family, the work is distributed between the third and fourth generation. With the latter incorporating more innovative and ecological ideas, they combine this with traditional knowledge and experience. For instance, the pulps of the coffee cherries from well mill are put together in one parcel before being used as organic fertilizer.  On top of that, the Sanchez have learned to adopt water-consuming techniques in the process of washing coffee (going from 600L to 215L per fanega cad 46 kg).


The family also tries to avoid using chemicals by turning towards biodynamic alternatives. Once a year, they send soil samples to the national research center Icafe and adjust the methods of fertilizing, planting, etc. depending to the results. This ensures that their coffee respects biodynamic standards.


After 14 years hard work and dedication across all Sanchez family members, their coffee estate represents one of the most innovative farms in Costa Rica today. The newer generation is constantly searching of ways to innovate and grow their family business, under the support of their parents.


The store behind the name?

The Estate “candelilla” was named after the fireflies that light up the nearby creek on summer nights, “candelilla” is the word that locals use to refer to fireflies in the region.

Recommandation : Filtre or Espresso (great for both!)


SCA Score : 86,5


Moklair ranking : Premier Cru


Farm - La Candelilla

Region - Tarrazu, San Marco, Costa Rica

Terroir - Delicate and complex, Alt. 1500m.


Main descriptor - Rose and apricot

Aromatic notes - Tropical fruits, wine gums, and praline


Acidity - Low


Body - Round


PROCESS : Natural




Net Weight: 250g