HEROES Si L Dan 1.5x IPA

HEROES Si L Dan 1.5x IPA

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L Si L Dan

2019 澳洲國際啤酒大獎賽銀牌
Silver Medal, Australian International Beer Awards 2019

2019 ratebeer.com 香港最佳啤酒
ratebeer.com Best Beer in Hong Kong 2019

Making use of the spontaneous hopping "technique", Si L Dan’s essence is its mysterious mix of various American hops. Drinking this beer is like going on an exciting hop adventure - expect some piney and citrusy flavors bursting in your mouth! Pouring an attractive hazy gold color, this beer is brewed with a pale malt base with a random amount of American hops like Cryo Citra, Mosaic, Wakatu and Chinook, etc. It’s a showcase of American hop characters with its strong piney, citrusy hop aroma. The sweet, bread crust flavor from malts balances well*Collaboration with HK Brewcraft

L I.5PA 利用最新「隨心落酒花」技術,香氣味道全部來自唔知邊隻啤酒花,令你一頭霧水但又驚喜連連。 呢隻啤酒就好玩在你事先乜都唔知——第一啖飲出嚟嗰隻松葉味

同柑橘味,究係嚟自 Cryo Citra 定係 Mosaic?Wakatu 定係Chinook?就好似經歷一場啤酒花大冒險一樣,一路飲,一路諗,一路估。口感又咁清爽,大啖大啖飲都冇有怕!

1.5x IPA

ABV 6.7%